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Fastest Way to learn song Arrangement

27 November 2014

So you created you drum patterns, lay down your chords and melodies now what? The next step is to actually make it into a full song. But how do you do it? and is there a special process to putting a song together? are there any special techniques that super producers use that you don’t know of? Read the rest of this entry

How to get started recording audio

25 November 2014

As a music producer your role changes from time to time. You’ll be called upon many times to be a recording engineer. A recording engineer is the person who ensures that the song is recording at the highest quality possible. That means ensuring the singer’s voice is recorded clear. Ensure proper mic technique is used. Using the right equipment for the job at hand. And so on. Read the rest of this entry

Why do artist need a sound engineer

20 November 2014

A sound engineer is a critical team member in the music production process. Some producers are engineers and don’t an engineer. Others work alongside one. What ever the case is an engineer is a vital team member. In this article i will look at ways in which an engineer can be of importance to music production. Read the rest of this entry

How to self produce an album

18 November 2014

Do you have your own studio? Working on an album or project for yourself or your band? Here are a few tips to help you self produce your album or single. Read the rest of this entry