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How to Learn a Genre you have never listened before

18 December 2014

Learning a genre you have never listened before is a fun task to undertake to find new ideas. How do you do this? google and find a reference chart for the genre. Then list the top 20 songs. Read the rest of this entry

How to conduct a recording session

16 December 2014

As a music producer conduction recording sessions are part of what we do. Whether it is recording vocals or musicians. In this article I share with you some tips on how to conduct a recording session. Read the rest of this entry

Why Rehearsal is Important before recording

11 December 2014

Vocalist and musicians are true to their craft. They work day and night practicing to getting better at singing and playing their instrument. If you incorporate practice into your daily routine you’re well on your way to mastering your instrument. Read the rest of this entry

The best way for you to warm up vocals

9 December 2014

As a vocalist there are certain techniques one has to do to prepare the vocals for a performance. This is no different when you are about to record. Warm up exercises are necessary to relax the vocals before you sing. It will make a huge difference to not running out of breath and your ability to sing on key all the time. So hear a few basic things you can do before you record. Read the rest of this entry