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Why do artist need a sound engineer

20 November 2014

A sound engineer is a critical team member in the music production process. Some producers are engineers and don’t an engineer. Others work alongside one. What ever the case is an engineer is a vital team member. In this article i will look at ways in which an engineer can be of importance to music production. Read the rest of this entry

How to self produce an album

18 November 2014

Do you have your own studio? Working on an album or project for yourself or your band? Here are a few tips to help you self produce your album or single. Read the rest of this entry

Importance of a Music Producer

13 November 2014

A music producer is a one of the most important persons in your creative team. He/she will organize your ideas and make it come alive into a final song. Thier experience will help nurture your raw ideas into a brand new masterpiece. You will also benefit from a different point of view which will enhance the final song. The technical knowledge of the producer will ensure your song is recorded at the highest level. Short version, they will make you sound really good. Not to mention they know a lot of musicians and engineers that will also contribute to making you shine like a star. Read the rest of this entry

How to get the most out of your producer

11 November 2014

When you approach a producer to produce your record, chances are you will leave everything up to the producer to decide and just take what he / she says and run with it. Wrong approach. Why do i say this? you’re a creative person and you need to know what you want. Know how you want your song to sound. You’re paying them to produce so ensure you get what you want. Here are a few tips on how to do this. Read the rest of this entry