With a blend of different cultures and sounds the  Just me Riddim the third reggae gospel  compilation released by Remla Productions has something special to offer.

Songs of praise and worship, songs encouraging everyone to take a stand for Jesus  Christ and more. This compilation will have you singing and giving praises unto God for a long time to come.

A few of the ministers give some insight as to what to expect from there song

“the message is that God has called us to accomplish phenomenal feats on the earth but it will always be by his might, wisdom and power. therefore, all the praise, glory and honour must be ascribed or given to him and him alone.
that’s it there in a nutshell!” – Farenite

that God alone is worthy, the fact that he was beaten and crusified so that we have a chance of eternal life with him, 2nd verse deals with how we should praise him, because of him sacrifice for us, not just with our mouths, but whole body movements, giving our all” – Kerron Gomez

“well u no there is alot of different religions and in those religions there are other soo called Gods which are really idols and were pushin out dat Jesus Christ is king of Kings and lord of lords.. 1 god alone, able 2 supply everything and keep alive, d reson 4 we are breathing etc­­” – Zion

Track List:

  1. Yi – He’s Our God
  2. Oshane Mchugh & YI – Mentaly Fit
  3. E Praise Feat. Ordinary – Sold Out
  4. Ryan Consious – Babylon System
  5. Tha Bishop Feat. Iamchurchboy – Send Me
  6. Zion Feat. Jah Kiley & Zion Yute – Jesus Alone
  7. Kerron Gomez – You Alone
  8. Farenite – Not By Might