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Dawit Jeffery talks why he is never turning back

3 October 2013

Reggae worship artiste Minister Dawit Jeffery releases a new single entitled “Never Turning Back” featured on the Key Change Riddim by Remla Productions.
Dawit Jeffery has been working with Remla Productions since 2012, and has released singles such as “Nuh worry wi” “I call on Jesus” “Don’t Leave me Lord” “You Saved Me” & “Christian Cry.”
We had a chat with the artiste, to find out what’s the inspiration behind this song. He says the song explains the various obstacles that come with being on the Christian Journey. He believes that he has now reached a level that no matter what, he’s “Never Turning Back”

Since starting his career as a gospel minister last year, Minister Jeffery stated it’s been an awesome experience. He’s been taught the importance of humility. He says also, doors of opportunity have opened for him, letting room for exposure.

Minister Jeffery has been touring with the Armour International youth fellowship tour. He embraces the experience. He’s surprised about the reception of the people to the music. “the old young and middle age appreciates and accepts the songs, and some catch on fast, while some know the songs already.”
Based on his personal assessment, he believes his growth as person, is reflected in the songs he has written

Here are Minister Jeffery’s final Words:
“Never Give up, no matter how the ministry and your life seems to be going down the drain. Hang to that last thread of hope. Pray, press and persevere in God. It’s a war and you’re a soldier. Fight to the end because you’re a THUG(True hero Under God)”

Json talks never giving up

2 October 2013

Gospel Minister Json is set to release a brand new single “Never Give Up” featured on the “Key Change Riddim” by Remla Productions.

Jason has been working with Remla Productions since 2012, and has released singles such as “Nuh worry wi” & “False Prophet”, under the label.

Json is a gifted songwriter and sing-jay. We had a chat with him ahead of the release to find out more about his journey as a gospel minister.

Q. what’s the inspiration behind your song on the keychange?

A. Chronixx has a song that speaks to youths to never give up, and they must try their best as to what they are doing whether school or struggle or hustle. I wanted to encourage Christians that they need not to give up, in the race of striving to be like Christ. For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Q. How has the journey been so far, since you started your career as a gospel minister?

A. well the journey has been for me, one of encouragement as I use the people I minister to as a tool for motivation. It’s like being a Pastor ,and you go to church you look to the Pastor for delivery of God’s word ,and he must ensure his walk is in-line with God’s word . I see myself in the same light.

Q.You have been touring with Armour International, how has this been going, any surprises?

A. Well it has been going good thus far, the only surprise I have is the amount of Young Christians that I see that come to the tours possessing a zeal for God that is beyond belief

Q. Has this experience impacted your life in anyway?

For me to say I have not been impacted heavily would be a lie

Final words:
My final words would be that we continue as Young Christians, to press for the mark which is Christ Jesus.

Remla Productions presents Key Change Riddim Out Now!

30 September 2013

Are you frustrated that the hype faded too fast? That nothing fulfills you anymore. This is understandable. When you follow the crowd you can be led astray. Sometimes left behind. You know what, you need a change.

Stand up and be counted among those who choose to be different. Those who don’t rely on other people for a life worth living. But Depend on God for direction.

A change in the songs you sing. The beats you dance to. The friends who you hang out with. The standards you live your life by.

How are you gonna accomplish all of that?

Well with the brand new compilation titled “KeyChange Riddim” from Remla Productions. This compilation is packed with heartfelt messages to help you bring about that change you desire. With songs like “Never Give Up,” “Never Turning Back,” “Lifestyle,” “Awesome,” “What a thing” and “Mr Egypt.” These songs will reinforce the need for change and to set up and be counted.

These songs are written and performed by the brightest talent in the Jamaican gospel music industry. Who are they? J’son, Ikonn, Dawit Jeffery, YI, Kmar and Kawna Stone.

Hear is the best part of this compilation. It’s Free. Yes Free as in zero. At no cost to you, you can experience the powerful messages from these ministers.

Download your copy now!

Introducing the Midweek Riddim

3 August 2013

Remla Productions a reggae gospel record label from Jamaica, releases a summer compilation, “Midweek Riddim,” on August 3,2013.

The compilation features Dawit Jeffery, Kerron Gomez, Altimon Ikonn Gordon, Yi, Dajay, Ebony and Holy Spirit Vibration from Guyana. The main theme of the project is the importance of God in your life. Each artist has their spin on the theme.

Altimon Ikonn:
“The lyrics came at a point in his life that he needed more of God. it was very much on my mind where i needed a more profound experience. It was like my heart and soul was crying out then one day I just started singing ‘Hear the cry of my heart hear the cry of my soul hear the cry of my heart God you i want to be hold’, and my verse was basically me saying how i felt at the time, and am wondering if am not doing what am suppose to or is it that my time has not yet come. I was actually reaching out to God. I shared the experience with ebony and we then completed the song.”


Dwayn’e Williams said their song is just a question of the norm
“Is just a thing where you question yourself about why people do certain things that they shouldn’t do, that maybe they don’t really want to do, or behave a certain way and you come to the conclusion that maybe they don’t know Christ’s love for us or maybe they have forgotten about it .So its just a reminder and we just saying if only you knew about it , things would be different.”


Kerron Gomez :
said the song was a long process and that through hardship we must always be thankful. He recalls his experience,
“The song “Sometimes” has been in progress for over 5yrs,the song started off in 2007,when one morning I got the lyrics to the first verse on my way to school. I never wrote it down but remembered it. Recently I was presented with the mid week riddim and as I began to write the lyrics of the first verse, I decided to be creative and move the lyrics of the first verse to the chorus and use the lyrics that I had written 6 yrs ago as the first verse. Seeking a feature with Daneke Palmer of Jamaica, after she did background vocals on my hit song “my empress”,the song came into being. The general theme of the song is that though sometimes we go through pain and heartache and life may hit hard, through it all, we still lift hands and thank the father for life as it is.”

Overall this compilation has a diverse set of messages towards both christian and non christians. It will have you thinking back to those moments where you were alone with God and saying Thank you Jesus for being there. Even if you are at this place these songs will encourage your heart.

You can purchase this compilation on iTunes.