ikonn in studio

I know someone that can give you everything. All that your heart desire. Give you life everlasting.That person can bring you so much fulfillment your heart can’t take it all at one time just bit by bit.

What is it gonna take to receive the offer?

Commitment. that’s all. Commitment to discipline. because its gonna take work. Doing the work gonna take up some of your time. And you life will never be the same.

But Who is that person?

That person is Jesus Christ giver of life father of love and the creator of all things. Even you.

Gospel Recording artiste Ikonn released a new single “Need you in my life”. The song is about his need for Christ in his life. Here is the conversation we had  about the song

Remla:  how the song came about

AGI: Well the first thing that came to me was the melody while listening to a track,
then the concept came to me after reflecting on how the Lord Has kept me and is still keeping my on the path

Remla:  what does  the song speaks to

AGI: The songs speaks the christ being able to fulfill all needs and he is the way to eternal life.


Tell me what you think about the song below

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