Gospel Recording artiste Dawit Jeffery recently sat down with Remla Productions for a one on one interview.

In two sentences who are you?

A man of God passionate about him and goes all out for him, differently i am a Counselor in Training, a Missionary for God and hold various offices in the Music Division of my church.

How long have you been involved in music?

Been involved in Music for over 15 years

What was the inspiration behind i call on Jesus?

It was actually a personal experience, was walking one day and reflecting upon some situations that i was facing and had faced in which i came out victorious and i realize that it could be no one but Jesus who brought me out, so then i realize that I could call up on Jesus in any situation, so i wrote it down in my mind as i walked home.

What should people expect from your music?

What people should expect from me is not singing BUT A MINISTRY, a ministry that entails positivity, inspiration, motivation and realistic experiences.

Why is important for you to call on Jesus?

The bible says that human will fail and throughout your everyday experiences it is evident, so when all those people have failed including friends, family, associates etc, and you need someone to confide in and express yourself . He is the only one “because he is your Strength”