Today i’m sharing the story behind the song Don’t Cry written and performed by Robert Levy also known as Prayz. He had an experience where he lost his close friend and found a way to encourage himself.

It’s a devastating experience when someone close to you dies. The hurt, the pain, and the feeling that apart of you died with that person is unbearable. A few years ago his friend was shot. He needed an outlet to express himself and seek comfort to ease the hurt and the pain. To push himself onwards and remind himself that God had a reason but the question is where and how that’s gonna happen.

It’s not easy to deal with death especially when the person was killed for no reason. It’s hard. It hurts. Too many people died as a result of senseless killing.

Being a singer/songwriter he used his musical talent as his outlet to encourage himself and others. It was not easy because the memory lingers in his mind still. He linked up with producer Andrae Palmer of Remla Productions to support his upcoming compilation Don’t Cry Riddim to share his encouraging words, so the world could hear the message of Hope.

“Don’t Cry when the enemies rise up against you.
Don’t Cry jah will send his angels to earth to defend you.
Don’t cry when you see wicked men try to destroy your flesh.
Don’t Cry just remember you’re going through a test.”

Robert Prayz Levy used his musical talents to share encouraging words of hope. Also his main aim is to win souls for the kingdom telling all who wants to hear that Jesus Christ is Lord and savior for all.

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Have you ever lost a friend? share your experiences below

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  • Big up Levy………. You have come a long way my friend, and you deserve every ounce of success. I remember when I and Thomas use to “mouth you off” at training schoolsaying that u cant sing, but you hold on and prove us wrong. BIG UP YUTE……………