Are you frustrated that the hype faded too fast? That nothing fulfills you anymore. This is understandable. When you follow the crowd you can be led astray. Sometimes left behind. You know what, you need a change.

Stand up and be counted among those who choose to be different. Those who don’t rely on other people for a life worth living. But Depend on God for direction.

A change in the songs you sing. The beats you dance to. The friends who you hang out with. The standards you live your life by.

How are you gonna accomplish all of that?

Well with the brand new compilation titled “KeyChange Riddim” from Remla Productions. This compilation is packed with heartfelt messages to help you bring about that change you desire. With songs like “Never Give Up,” “Never Turning Back,” “Lifestyle,” “Awesome,” “What a thing” and “Mr Egypt.” These songs will reinforce the need for change and to set up and be counted.

These songs are written and performed by the brightest talent in the Jamaican gospel music industry. Who are they? J’son, Ikonn, Dawit Jeffery, YI, Kmar and Kawna Stone.

Hear is the best part of this compilation. It’s Free. Yes Free as in zero. At no cost to you, you can experience the powerful messages from these ministers.

Download your copy now!

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