How do you get started?

To get started as a music producer you need to understand the role of a music producer. A music producer is a creative project manager. Such a person organizes the artiste music project. They may also contract the relevant professionals to get work done. Some of the tasks for hiring may involve the producer getting songs written for the artiste. They may also create or find persons to create instrumental for the song. The producer’s role may also involve coaching the artiste while recording songs. For all it’s worth the producer may be the engineer for the project in its entirety.

Modern producers have their own studios. Having your own studio will give you more time to work with singers on their project. You are the one responsible to get the best out of the artiste for the project. You will be the one to select the songs to be released. Also securing deals for the release and promotion of the project is another task undertaken. Most producers have their own labels, so they self release the artist’s project as well.

So what do you do?

So in understanding the roles as a producer you will need to put together your team to work alongside you. Your team doesn’t have to be large. But there are some key personnel that will help you as a producer. They are musicians & engineers. Depending on your skill you may be the one doing everything, creating the music and engineering the project. There is nothing is wrong with that.

If you intend on having your own label, you will need to expand your team. You will need a Publicist/Marketing manager to plan and execute promotional activities for your musical project. An accountant is needed to keep your finances in order. A booking agent is required to ensure that your artiste is consistently performing and making money. A lawyer is also needed to ensure that your contracts are in check.

So with that overview these are the skill sets you will need:

  • Good time management skills
  • Musicianship
  • Audio Engineering skills
  • Songwriting skills
  • knowledge of vocal coaching

You don’t need all, but you need to master at least a couple to make it as a producer. You don’t need to be a musician but you must be able to choose good music for your artiste. You don’t need to be an audio engineer but must know what a good mix sounds like. You don’t need to know vocal coaching but must know when an artiste is singing properly and to the best of their ability.

To conclude your role as a music producer is more of a project manager and mentor of artiste. Your ears and knowledge of music will be your best asset.

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