Learning a genre you have never listened before is a fun task to undertake to find new ideas. How do you do this? google and find a reference chart for the genre. Then list the top 20 songs.

Listening these songs will give you a basic overview of the new genre. You’ll be able to spot similarities and differences in what you already know about your favourite tunes. But here is how you really learn the fundamentals without anyone telling you.

To any genre there are basic ways to how the track is played. One the drum track is arranged similarly from song to song. bass lines have a similar groove or pattern. Chords used and how it is played is unique to the genre. As well as tempo range.

So lets dial in and learn our new genre by keeping the above in mind. The easy part is learning the rhythm section. Before you actually start sequencing your new track, try to get a feel for the drums. If you can tap out the drum section of most if not all the songs on a desk using your hands you have that part down. This will give you a starting point for your experiment.

After you move from the drums, listen to the bassline. Hum the notes to the drum pattern. If you can tap out the drums and hum the bass you’re well on your way to dissecting the track.

Next move on to the melody and backing chords. These should be easy to figure out. But if you’re finding difficulty use the circle of fifth chart to help you. The circle of fifth is a chart that shows you which notes work well together in any song. So if you found the root note then the note to the right or the left in the chart can work with the root, also notes in the second tier below can also go with the root note and can make up your chord progression. Use the chart as a reference to find chords to play around with. This is a good exercise to train your ears as well.

By this point you should have made a basic sequence of a new song using the popular songs as reference. Also take special notice of the type of sounds that are a signature to the songs you have as reference.

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