Recording your vocals in a poorly treated room.

To ensure you get the best quality sound ensure that your recording is treated or get special equipment to work with if you don’t have a dedicated vocal booth like – SE reflection filter or auralex mudguard. A vocal that is recorded in an empty will have a lot of reverberation meaning a lot of reflection will be in your recording. When recording in an empty room when you sing your voice bounces all over room and reflect back into your mic and makes your recording sound awful and not dry and dead which is the result you want.

Not singing in the right key

If you’re tone deaf get vocal training. If you’re serious about being a recording singing off key won’t build career it will only kill it. Make sure your pitch aligns with the instrumental so you dont sound like a fool. You don’t want to sound like dog howling on an instrumental don’t you. Make sure you sing on key.

Not singing on beat

Another important skill is being able to keep time. You want to sing in sync with the beat so everything together. Like pitch this is also important to making you song shine. Have a good flow and groove on the beat will make a big difference in how your song sounds at the end. Sing with a click track if you’re having difficulty doing this.

Not checking the equipment before recording

Sound check before any recording is crucial to the quality of the song. You don’t want while you’re singing you hear a buzz in your headphones. Or worse you finished recording and realize that nothing is connected or has been recording. Check to see if the microphone is plugged in. That you’re getting signal to your DAW. And that no feedback, buzz or humming is in your signal chain so your is clean.

Sort these out and i guarantee you your recordings will not suck every again.

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