Do you have your own studio? Working on an album or project for yourself or your band? Here are a few tips to help you self produce your album or single.

You are the Creative Director of you project

To self produce your album you need to understand the role of the music producer. A music producer is like a creative project manager. You are the one who organize the music project.

Tweak songs written to ensure that they are the best

Modern music have a set arrangement structure. When your self producing ensure that all your songs are written in a way your fans expects it. Now is not the time to go off experimenting with weird arrangements. That’s if your fans expects it. So short intro, verse , chorus, bridge, outro. They are countless examples that you can draw inspiration from. This is the reason why you need references. This will give you a starting point on how to work on your ideas.

Create or find persons to create instrumental. If you’re in a band ensure the music is tight.

Instrumentals takes your music to another level. This can make or break your song. If you’re in a band just ensure all the parts are tight and you have repetition to make playing more easier in live situations. Not to mention consistency. Makes no sense to have different bass parts for the entire song. If you’re not in a band sit down with a guitar or piano player and work out your ideas. If you play an instrument you’re way ahead. Don’t be afraid to hire musicians to play your ideas. You’ll get things done more quickly and better than you were able to do it on your own.

Coach artiste while recording songs. To ensure that they are singing on pitch and singing properly.

Vocal coach is another role you’ll have to play. Ensure you or your vocalist are singing on key. They are using their voice properly. Which simply means they are singing from their diaphragm. Arrange background harmonies. Another thing to note is clarity. If you can’t be understood then you have a problem. Ensure the lyrics are clear. If they are too many words in a part don’t be afraid to cut some out. This will help you later when you go on stage.

Get the song recorded mixed and mastered.

You can do this yourself or pay someone to do it. If you’re going to mix your own song get someone else to master it. Why? because you’re so close to it, it’s best to get a fresh set of ears to master it. If you don’t have the skills to master and mix outsource that as well. Don’t try to save money and spoil the final quality of what you work so hard on.
If you have the skills to do it, space out the time in which your do each process. Mix one song at a time. Master a few days long after you’ve finished mixing so that your ears will be fresh and can spot errors when you re listen.

Pay various professionals once the work is completed.

Finally once the work is done pay who needs to get paid for the work done. That means musicians, background vocalist, engineers and studio owners if you booked studio time.
Not all will apply to you if you have your own studio and have the skills to do multiple task. Having good knowledge on how much you spend to produce the record will give you a basic target to achieve once it’s released.

To conclude your role as a music producer is more of a project manager and mentor of artiste. Your ears and knowledge of music will be your best asset.

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