A sound engineer is a critical team member in the music production process. Some producers are engineers and don’t an engineer. Others work alongside one. What ever the case is an engineer is a vital team member. In this article i will look at ways in which an engineer can be of importance to music production.

Ensures all songs are recorded at the highest quality

If your songs are up to standard you have a problem. This can be easily solved by having an engineer handle the levels and set up the signal chain to ensure you sound great and your music sounds great. These persons are called Recording engineer.

If you’re in a band and recording a track, they are the ones who mic the drums. Mic the bass and guitar amps. Set up the right mic to capture the performance. When they do their job right everything else falls into place. Because this is the beginning of the music creation process you can’t overlook this step.

He / she handles the technical side of the creative process

To build on the last paragraph, the engineer set up the audio interface to the computer. Run all the cables, set up the mic and ensure the Daw is receiving audio. Ensures all the levels are correct and recording at the right level. Fix anything that goes wrong. Ensure you’re hearing yourself the way you want in your headphones.

All the things you might not want to do as an artist. This will free you up to write and sing. Give all you can to your performance. Anything related to ensuring you music is recorded right. I know some people have their own studios at home and do this stuff yourself.

He / she work on the final mix

Mixing is vital to any song. A bad mix can kill a beautiful song as well as a great mix and propel a song to new heights. It’s not recommended for you to mix your own record. This is because you are so emotionally attached to it, you might not be objective to make decisions for the better.

This is where your mixing engineer comes into play. He / she tweaks and get the best they can out of your record. Polish off your perfectly recorded vocals. Fit everything together so your record sounds ready to for mastering and finally release to your adoring fans.

Your engineer handles the boring stuff so you can stay creative and keeps you working on mastering your craft and continuing your mission. Never skip on working with an engineer. Even if you work on your own stuff a second person to give your songs a listen.

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